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Galvanized Steel Core Wire for Bare ACSR Conductor

Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel Core Wire for ACSR Conductor as per ASTM A 475 and ASTM B 498

Product Description

Product Description

Galvanized Steel Wire as per ASTM B 498

Wire Diamater(mm)Diamater Tolerance(mm)Weight of Zinc-coating(g/m2)Stress at 1% Extension,Min(Mpa)Tensile StrengthMin.(Mpa)Elongation in 250mm,Min(%)
Over 1.9-2.3+0.04,-0.03220131014503.0
Over 2.3-2.7+0.05,-0.05230128014103.5
Over 2.7-3.1+0.05,-0.05240128014103.5
Over 3.5-3.9+0.08,-0.05270124014104.0
Over 3.9-4.5+0.1,-0.08275117013804.0
Over 4.5-4.8+0.1,-0.08300117013804.0

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