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3/8" guy wire with coil ASTM A 475

3/8" guy wire with coil ASTM A 475

Product Description

Product Description

1x7 structure 3/8" guy wire with coil ASTM A 475 

Product Description

Concentric-lay stranded conductors made of Zinc-coated Steel wires (Forming multi strand wire      rope).


Guy Strands, Messenger Wires, Span Wires

Overhead ground wire strand for power transmission lines

Messenger strand for telephone and CATV lines

Guy strand for power distribution poles, telephone poles and microwave and radio towers

Wind bracing in pre-engineered buildings

Barrier cable and guard rail strand

Other bulk steel cable guying applications where small size, high strength and corrosion resistance are necessary avoiding rust and degradation of your steel wire rope.


ASTM A475 – This specification covers the five grades of class A zinc-coated steel wire strand, Utilities, Common, Siemens-Martin, High-Strength, and Extra High-Strength, suitable for use as guy and messenger wires.

ASTM A363 – This specification covers concentric lay stranded steel wire composed of three or seven wires with a Class A coating specifically intended for use as overhead ground/shield wires for transmission lines.

ASTM B498 – This specification covers round, class A zinc-coated, steel core wire used for the reinforcement of ACSR conductors.



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