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1/4" Zinc-coated Steel Wire Strand

1/4" Zinc-coated Steel Wire Strand

Product Description

Product Description

Zinc-coated Steel Wire Strand

We provide the Galvanized steel wire & Strand, Aluminum clad steel wire & Strand, ACSR, ACS and PC Steel Wire Strand etc.


a. Diameter : 1.0mm ~ 6.0mm, All available.
b. Zinc coating weight : 100 ~ 500 gram/m2 .
c. Tensile strength : Low carbon wire: 290 ~ 1000 MPA. High carbon wire: 1000 ~ 2160 MPA.

d. The specifications are in confirmity with customers' requirements or relevant standards:ASTM B 498, IEC 60888, EN 50189, BS 4565, TCVN5064, ASTM A 475,  BS 183, ASTM A 363, ASTM B 415, ASTM B 416....

Raw materials:

Low carbon galvanized steel wire :1006, 1008, Q195.etc.

High carbon galvanized steel wire : 55#,60#,65#,70#,72A,80#,77B,82B.etc.


a). Coil weight :50kg~800kg per roll , all available.Reel Weight:100kg-1800kg per drum ,all available.
b). Packing: plastic inside and hessian woven outside, plastic inside and nylon woven outside. 
c). Other methods are possible according to customers' demands.


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